Compact CX Series Screen Printing Machines

Lightweight and Compact – The New Generation HAWK COMPACT CX Series is the ideal choice where factory space is limited. With a standard print area of up to 46cm x 50cm (18” x 20”) the Compact range offers the perfect combination of small footprint without compromising on print area or features.

Hawk HX Series Screen Printing Machines

Intermediate Size Machine HAWK HX Series is our intermediate size machine, with a generous print area of up to 50cm x 63cm (20” x 25”) Probably our most popular model, the Hawk series is available in up to 16 colours upon request.

2000-2X Series Screen Printing Machines

Adaptable and Robust 2000-2X Series is available in up to 20 colours and offers a huge standard print area of 56cm x 76cm (22” x 30”) The 2000 series will provide solutions for almost every design you need to print in this diverse and dynamic industry.

3000-3X Series Screen Printing Machines

Oversize & all-over prints have never been easier 3000-3X Series offers an enormous maximum print area of up to 71cm x 105cm (28” x 41”) and beyond (upon request) This machine is able to print all-over garments in up to 14 colours.

4000-4X Series Screen Printing Machines

From Tees to Towels – The Ultimate Machine 4000-4X Series is our ultimate machine. Possessing all the standard features of our other range of machinery, our 4000 series offers the world’s largest print area of any automatic carousel machine, currently, the largest being a staggering 114cm x 190cm (45” x 75”) in 4 four colours!

MiniMax Series Screen Printing Machines

Maximum Applications, Minimum Floor Space MiniMax is the ideal choice for those wanting to print all over garments, but have little floor space available. With a standard print area of 81cm x 76cm (32” x 30”) the MiniMax has an outside diameter of only 576cm (18’ 09”) for our 8 colour version, so providing ‘Maximum applications and Minimum floor space!

Label Printer Series Screen Printing Machines

Lightning Quick Application of Label Prints The machine has a print area of 7” x 7” (180mm x 180mm), fully adjustable print and flood pressure, fully adjustable print and flood speed, easy to set up , single colour, great for neck labels, sleeves, cosies, drink holders and shorts. Shirt counter and dwell time for load & unload.

Accessories Series Screen Printing Machines

TAS supply an extensive range of accessories to compliment our machinery, including flash cure units, tunnel dryers, graphic tester and various sizes of pallets and squeegees.

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